My brothers possessive best friend

My brothers possessive best friend

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He leaned down his nose skimming my neck. He whispered "Kyra your mine and only mine, what don't you understand about that. No boys are aloud to kiss you."

he kissed me on the lips passionately

 "No boys are aloud to touch you like I am Kyra"

 he straddled my waist, his hands were stroking my sides and down my arms.

 He leaned back down "and no boys will ever EVER make you feel as good as I will. Got that Kyra?" 

I nodded. 

What's this boy doing to me. 

Kyra's life has always been tough living with 6 over protective older brothers. What happens when they befriend a new bad boy.

Not edited, I wrote this book when I was 12-13 years a old, I will re write soon, thank you.

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lulub86 lulub86 Aug 09
I know how it feels. People get my name wrong all the time. Spelt Sian pronounced sharn.
Lucky she dats woke up by her brother like i get jumped on and get screamed in the ear when my brother wakes me up
amorette_ amorette_ Jul 15
I read how they look but my mind gonna make them all look grey eyes and black hair and really tall and buff like bodyguards
imsorryimnottheone imsorryimnottheone Jun 01, 2016
Honestly it was awful I couldn't force myself to read past three chapters. It sounded like it was written by a ten year old thinking about what it's like to be a teen. Also it lacks in detail.(I'm sorry if this sounds harsh)