the hidden avater

the hidden avater

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Rosemary Dragon By hinatahug Updated Nov 25, 2010


i myself (the author) have often wonder, what would have happened if Zuko did not join the gang. well, Ang would not have learned fire bending and properly been killed by the fire lord.

so that's what happen, well in this version of the story. The fire kingdom has taken over, with the new king, Zuko, but he is not the same person as you and (mostly) i love. He is now cocky, selfish, and ignorant. He has ordered that all avatars be killed. the got the ones that were born in the water and earth kingdom, but not the one living in there very own kingdom. They missed a 16 year old girl with the name of Kasa.

the most wonderful story begins yet again but with a frightful twist.

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BittyBean BittyBean Nov 30, 2014
when i read the discription halfway through i was upset because season three zuko is my favorit character but when i read the rest i was... intreaged
marthini marthini May 09, 2013
I love this! Wait.... I knew sokka and tolph would get together! Sorry..... Had a fan moment there. Please update soon!
imagine_dream_write imagine_dream_write May 08, 2013
ok, i know this sounds wierd but i love this show and ive been looking for more fanfics on it. This is such an amazing begining i need to know what happens next!
SEWong SEWong Jan 12, 2011
OMG!! What's going to happen? O_O This is getting interesting :)
SEWong SEWong Jan 07, 2011
I like this, it has an interesting twist. I look forward to reading what happens :D
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