A Family Perfected

A Family Perfected

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Kelsey Turcotte By kc1tubbol Updated Jun 14, 2016

Who are you?" I whispered through my sobs. 
I felt him loom over me and his hot breath shot in my ear, sending shivers down my spine. 
"Call me Father," he smiled. 
My heart shattered at his words. 


 Vivian Love was counting on finally having the best birthday she's ever had. It was her sixteenth birthday and she was to celebrate with her closest friends, and maybe even talk to the cute guy from math class. What she wasn't counting on was being abducted by a delusional man, being hauled off to an old house in the middle of nowhere and being forced to play house. Vivian must hold onto whatever shred of hope she has left if she wants to make it out of this game alive with the help of the others imprisoned with her.

He asked a question how long were u staring to notice all this before answering
My sweet 16 was nothing like this😂 though this is how I imagined it as a kid...dreams ruined.
Freakesquette Freakesquette Dec 13, 2016
When you're exasperated because someone I  the story shares your same name (maxine)
joleesw joleesw Dec 19, 2016
It's "were", not "where"..Just some friendly editing. Not meaning to be rude :-)
DebraHilleyYork DebraHilleyYork Oct 13, 2016
Hope he get get boogers when he was kissing  her mouth  and nose, sorry that's disgusting  I know, great  read  so far
I wish I could have a big sweet sixteen party, or a party at that