stuck ❣ marichat

stuck ❣ marichat

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crippling anxiety By its_nusa_obviously Completed

"L-Ladybug?" his voice was trembling. 
"Are you okay? Are you hurt?" she asked.
"C-Could you meet me?" 

There was a silence. 

"Eiffel Tower. 10 minutes,"

I do not own any of the characters. Edit of the cover is mine, so please don't steal it! 

Chat literally has mood swings every chapter! Read if you dare ;D

Marichat for all people who requested it! Enjoy;3

I only own Chien Marron/Carlos

Okay, um, im sorry, but was I the only one who laughed? Like he seems so emotional and sensitive and then it's al like heigidgi idk
SpaceCatX3 SpaceCatX3 Sep 05
Anyone watch the fencing episode where marionette had ALL of Adrian's to do stuff written down for that year? No? Jut me? Ok
chatbug2005 chatbug2005 Aug 04
Marinette: At least I get to see Adrien today
                              Me: Nope he's Chat so nope he's gone 
                              Marinette: what are you talking about
                              Me: You innocent little child just just live your life I'm new to this fandom, so I'm confused, I thought his name was Cat Noir...why does he keep getting called Chat Noir? Someone please help!
chatbug2005 chatbug2005 Aug 04
                              Mari: Uhhh....STOP BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL PPL ARE STARING 
                              I CAN BREAK THE FOURTH WAL IF I WANT TO GIRL
"I-I,...-" he tried not to cry again. "I can't g-get it up,"