Anime Lemon Threesomes

Anime Lemon Threesomes

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Dirty Daddy By DirtyDeadly Updated May 03, 2017

So this is basically a bunch of Lemon one-shots of threesomes (Anime + Creepypasta). But all from the readers prespective, so it's like _____xreaderx_____ sorta thing. I do yaoi and yuri too. 

I am no longer taking requests-fair warning!!!

Thanks y'all! ^.^

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Discord_Jinx Discord_Jinx May 23, 2017
Why do I have the feeling that Dirty is using wattpad more than Deadly 😶
AxeltheArceus AxeltheArceus Nov 08, 2016
Can you please do Alois x reader x ciel heavy lemon and mid yaoi?...... I felt so weird typing that at 11;31 at night
The_Big_Pervert The_Big_Pervert Feb 16, 2017
I know you're not taking any more but just so I don't forget, can you do a hunter x hunter, killua x reader x feitan heavy lemon with medium yaoi, I understand if you can't do it any time soon...
QueenChariRose QueenChariRose Nov 01, 2016
Can you do an Izuru Kamukura x reader x Nagito Komaeda?? Pweeeeeease~?
StarlitEmber14 StarlitEmber14 Dec 18, 2016
If this book is still being updated I would like to request a HikaruxReaderxKaoru from Ouran High School Host Club 
                              I want it to be a mid lemon with light yaoi! 😁Of course do it on your own pace
andysshadow andysshadow Dec 20, 2016
Hi! Can you do a Gin x shy!readerx Aizen hevy lemon? Of course do it on your own pace :)