Anime Lemon Threesomes

Anime Lemon Threesomes

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DirtyDeadly By DirtyDeadly Updated Nov 13

So this is basically a bunch of Lemon one-shots of threesomes (Anime + Creepypasta). But all from the readers prespective, so it's like _____xreaderx_____ sorta thing. I do yaoi too but not yuri (yet, give me a second here). And yeah, I also take requests. Just comment them on the chapter titled "Request Board" or private message me if you want to keep it between us. Thanks guys and y'all dirty minds! (;

**TO THOSE WHO ARE CONSIDERING TO REQUEST: I love any and all requests but PLEASE comment them on my chapter titled "Request Board"-it makes it easier to find and therefore I can get it done faster. I WILL BE CLOSING REQUESTS AS OF DECEMBER 31ST. That means if you want to request, do it now. I will continue writing requests past that date, but I will not accept anymore. I may re-open this later, but this is the plan for now.

Also please check out my new story called "Forced Lemons" for more lemony goodness! Thanks y'all! ^.^

Can you please do Alois x reader x ciel heavy lemon and mid yaoi?...... I felt so weird typing that at 11;31 at night
Can you do an Izuru Kamukura x reader x Nagito Komaeda?? Pweeeeeease~?
Maybe Kyoya Tategami x Reader x Rayuga Kishatu? heavy 
                              Please? :)
Could you do code geass with suzaku and lelouch, but can it involve cosplay from another anime source? I have odd tastes. maybe frame it as a halloween or cosplay festival thing (but we decide to have some fun times in costume)
Eren X Reader X Armin Heavy Lemon and Light Yaoi. Sorry if it's a bad idea.
Cobra x reader x Laxus. Heavy. Medium Yaoi. Both Cobra and Laxus like the reader