Dark Desires (Temptations #1)

Dark Desires (Temptations #1)

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♠LUNA♠ By ChristyDol Updated Aug 10, 2016


Blake Cade had the most shittiest day of her life. Not only did her car die on the way to school, but she forgot her long well done history project she was supposed to turn in. Yes, the one she spent sleepless nights doing. Her dad was acting moody when she got home, her mom's bitchy friend came over, and her kids came along too.

Just to be kicked out an hour later for cussing at the 7 year old snitch, who almost broke her laptop.

Now, she's at the park, with a dead 0 for a history project, a car that needs towed, her dad's snooty insults, the shebitches face in her ass, and a dead phone.

To make it even more shittier, she's kidnapped - by two really hot dudes - and all they had to do was almost soffucate her to death.

Oh how romantic.


"You know, you could have least gotten me a chocolate truffle."

"Shut the fuck up Blake."

"Or maybe one of those delicious rice crispy cakes."

"Shut the fuck up Blake." His voice grew louder.

"Or, at least gotten me a bottle of water and some pads, clothing, ibuprofen, I'm good with the tampons if you can't find pads-"

"Shut the fuck up before I make you!"

"Whatcha gonna do, shoot me? Oh I'm so scared of the big tough gang leader - not."


"Get me some water! I'm thirsty!"

"Shut the fuck up before I shove my dick in your big mouth."

Okay then.


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Nimrah2000 Nimrah2000 May 26, 2016
I mentally sang this. I am positive my face looled like this😬
EmilyGillett EmilyGillett Apr 18, 2016
I luv this book already can't wait to read more plzz write more soon
KeairaLTVAC KeairaLTVAC Apr 10, 2016
I'm confused lol but I'm getting there lol I'm still already in love with your story