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Meet Jennifer Jameston. 20 years old. She's your typical nead at university.  She wears huge glasses, wears plain and simple clothes and you will always find her with a book. Her parents died when she was 12 leaving her alone with her two older brothers, Ian who is 22  and Carter who is 23 and a HUGE sum of money with which she can live her whole life easily. 

Her brothers took the lead of one of the most powerful gang in London called Dark Eye which was once leaded by their father. Although she is a nerd, she can shoot, fight like a boss. It is not so surprising to know that she can fight when she has two brothers who are gang leaders. 

Meet Reece Greyson. 20 years old. He is a typical rich badboy, player who beaks girl's hearts and don't give a Damn about them.He has a secret known by his two best friends, Wesley and Alec only. He is the leader of one of the most powerful gangs in London called the Blade Strike. 

What will happen when theses two will collide... Read to find out :)

Ok the pokèmon has evolved at its full point.😧 jesus Andy WHY U DO DIS TO MEH!!
ccstenn ccstenn Nov 15
Omg........Talk about sexy in a gothic type of way.....................I'd love it if you were my baby's Dady -me purring-😏...hahah
Mommaearth Mommaearth Nov 27
He is my new gay bff i have so many but what can i say they are amazing people
ccstenn ccstenn Nov 15
No he's guy....he's fruity......he's rainbow......he's with them FRUITY PEBBLES....I'm sorry for anyone y'all that might be offended to what I said of,or laughing there ASSSES of rn.....
ccstenn ccstenn Nov 15
Omg........who else thought that was a boner.....I friends have always said that I have a VERY dirty mind........VVVVVEEERRRRYYYY DIRTY😏
Haha im a justin bieber fan and if someone is to you'd know what im talking about