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Liberia By beyonceisnumber1 Completed

This is the story of a girl who was born into a family so different compared to who she was. They had a high status in society, often holding dinner parties for all of Houston's most substantial families but she didn't care for money or PHDs. Instead she cared about creativity, art and music. She cared about the inside of people instead of the out, she didn't meet someone and judge them on their choice of clothing as her parents did but instead on their choice of word. She was so different that they tried to contain her, they tried to make her like them. A proud rich girl living in a bubble they created. She couldn't stand it, she didn't like the private schools, the nannys and butlers or perfect English. So she did what many teenagers did, she rebelled. Her rebellion was falling in love, getting pregnant and running away at 16 years old.  She fell in love so easily and so beautifully but the boy didn't, he didn't care for her or his child and that's when she ran away. She knew where she wasn't wanted and she never saw him again. This is the story of a young woman going back home because her daughter demanded it. Her daughter wanted to meet her family and so at 32 years old with a 16 year old child.  This is the story of her coming back and falling into the arms of an old friend. Shawn.

Loveonly1 Loveonly1 Jul 17, 2016
Doesn't want her to feel guilty like bey said and bey's probably not ready to.
yonce9 yonce9 Jul 19, 2016
She hasn't healed from her past and doesn't want to  open it up again and face all of that hurt
Loveonly1 Loveonly1 Jul 17, 2016
Her parents may seem like they have changed just because they miss bey but after the missing wears off then they will probably go back to their old ways.
xobeyxo xobeyxo Jul 17, 2016
Grace is hard headed, I understand you are curious but it's obvious your mother doesn't want to talk about it. Stop being nosy and respect her wishes
yonce9 yonce9 Jul 19, 2016
She is hurt by how she was treated when she was younger and now her daughter digging into her  past has brought up a lot of mixed emotions
xo_1205 xo_1205 Jul 30, 2016
For them to be disappointed in Bey and for them to try to change her