Iron Mask //naegiri// (BEING EDITED)

Iron Mask //naegiri// (BEING EDITED)

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MARCH 22 By xheavycdirtyfsoulf_ Updated Mar 09

A cheesy love story about a girl and a boy whose fates intertwine with each other, but the two important elements of their lives will always be present. They struggle to keep the spark and control their feelings, but it doesn't seem possible at this point. 

Will it be hope? Or will it be...DESPAIR?

/hey ya'll the end is near yayyy/

Credits to: FlamingMelon for the cover XD

- - Aug 25, 2016
Average Schoolgirl: Oh! its Naegi-Senpai! <3 Kya!! *doki doki*
                              Oh. Look. Its Naegi.
CelestiaTomoe22 CelestiaTomoe22 Jun 25, 2016
Ok I have confirmed Celeste's exestiece I can rest in peace now
CelestiaTomoe22 CelestiaTomoe22 Jun 25, 2016
He forgot Celeste that is something I cannot forgive until I forget which will probably be i... Wait what was it young again
CelestiaTomoe22 CelestiaTomoe22 Jun 25, 2016
I'm so sorry Felicia (my nickname for Togami and Hiyoko) are you feelings hurt hahahahahahahahahahahahaha you're pain gives me strength
CelestiaTomoe22 CelestiaTomoe22 Jun 25, 2016
Felicia for all you know I could have a crush on Celestia freaking Ludenburg or maybe Asahina so you better get you rich white butt outa my face
Sopswag Sopswag Mar 29, 2016