The mysterious, aloof sky and cloud (khr fanfic)

The mysterious, aloof sky and cloud (khr fanfic)

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Khr,knb, shiki lover By Animelover112523 Updated a day ago

Tsunayoshi otherwise known as dame-tsuna by his class and tsuna by his friends is just an ordinary boy in namimori middle.

He has a older brother named Giotto (who doesn't acknowledge him), his mother nana (who treats him as if he isn't there) and his father lemitsu (who ignores him).

But all of this changes after an accident that involved the people he cares about and tsuna becomes cold to everyone except a certain skylark, 2 years later he meets a certain hitman who just happens to be the worlds best hitman, reborn whilst walking through the park, who is there to train his brother for the position of vongola decimo.

Once the hitman arrives he learns that tsuna disappears in the middle of the night and is curious as to what the younger does.

Will reborn discover what tsuna is up to and confront him or will he be outsmarted by the young aloof boy?

Warning abusive family and out of character hibari kyouya and hibari alaude as well as arcobaleno and tsuna's guardians 
also swear words
This is not going to be an 1827 or R27 but may have hints of them at some points
Also lemitsu bashing *party time (can't touch this)*
I do not own all of the pictures only the drawing which is the first picture

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aerhonTheMadHatter aerhonTheMadHatter May 02, 2017
*CRYING* I just read the description and I already want to help tus-kun!!!!
joeyoakcakes joeyoakcakes Aug 25, 2017
KuroiOozora KuroiOozora Aug 09, 2016
I am confused.. Who is the older brother anyway?
                              If it's Gio then why did he call Tsuna "nii-san"?
                              But if it's Tsuna who's older then why is the description of the story thaf Gio is older?
KuroiOozora KuroiOozora Aug 09, 2016
It's not bad.. Just that it's better to not to replay the same scene even though it's on a different POV
Randomreader5568 Randomreader5568 Feb 26, 2017
Tuna-fish I know how it fill..that how I fell evertime on my birthday...well the result is l hate my birthday..the reality is sad right...