Turn Away | c.h

Turn Away | c.h

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calum hoods gf By jollysos Updated Aug 18

Sex • Blood • Fear • Power

"I'd let hell freeze over before I'd let anyone take you away from me. The devil will try, but he's going to wish he hadn't." Calum spoke, anger contorting his muscles to tense as he wiped the blood clean from my arm. 

"You are mine, you do not hold the ability to part from me, and the devil will soon find that out. I'm willing to destroy everything in my path if it holds me back from having you," he placed his hand on my cheek, gently wiping away the tear that had fallen. "We are stronger than any other force. We have love, Stella. Nothing has the ability to break our love."
• • • •

Warning: a heck load of sex scenes, violence, coarse language and cliché scenes that'll make you wanna gouge your eyes out - hope you love it!!

{vampire Calum Hood, au}

Lucario52 Lucario52 Jun 20, 2016
Don't worry, I usually only read completed books, but your fanfic is pretty good! Both in plot and grammar
im rereading this and i finally understand the prologue not it's giVING ME CHILLBUMPS OMG
jazzbud jazzbud Sep 27, 2016
it was NOT bad at all!!! in fact really good you're a good writer don't doubt yourself!!
jazzbud jazzbud Sep 27, 2016
what the fuCKK I got chills reading this I'm so excited for this story!!
hemmo_5sers hemmo_5sers May 25, 2016
idk how tf this doesnt have way more reads, please dont abandon this story!!