She's Mine <<M.Y.G>>

She's Mine <<M.Y.G>>

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evy :3 By naehoseok Completed

1.Nam HeeRa
2.Min Yoongi/Suga
3.Song Jihye
4. Bangtan Boys
5. Nam HeeRa's mother

Inspired by other fanfics so I made it. 

Suga's fan! Get ready to taste your sweetness candy!

Luna9876 Luna9876 Jan 07
Is it like this part where he finds her cheating on him at the mall or...?
kimerinchii17 kimerinchii17 7 days ago
Actually if I was Jihye, I will be mad too, knowing that my boyfriend is flirting with his bestfriend. It hurts u know
SugaFlower SugaFlower Aug 23, 2016
This suddenly hit me like a rock thrown at my head ! Ouchhh!
moonchul moonchul Sep 29, 2016
Well Jihye better collect her man before I do cuz- 🐸☕️👀
KaciKuang KaciKuang Jan 15
I'm reading this in 2017 and legit. "FIRST LOVE being..." U PREDICTED THE FUTURE 👍🏻