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She just wears it as worship to her god, with whom she is faithful to.

She wants to wait til her marriage night, is that so wrong?

Why must her friends tease her for not wanting to have sex like them?

He doesn't want his friends to know he doesn't want to have sex with just anyone, because that isn't 'manly', right?

Stories about people who are persecuted for their views

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jojonono33678 jojonono33678 Dec 24, 2016
How is that lucky??  she'll get in trouble with evidence against her and none with him
Rukhsana_K Rukhsana_K Dec 29, 2016
As a hijabi, Muslim what ever you want to call it. I really appreciate stuff like this that makes people aware of discrimination and prejudice we sometimes face (I am not saying that this doesn't happen to other religions etc as well)
                              Thank you for writing this!
Dreamer1_x Dreamer1_x Dec 22, 2016
This makes me angry. Being a Muslim in the UK, I never experienced this at school especially when the majority of the students at my school were Muslim too so this is crazy to read about
I wear hijab to school everyday but when I was young (12), I took it off in gym... And when I did some one in my class complimented my hair.. they said, "Khadijah, you look better without your scarf." And that made me smile. The good thing about it is that they never insulted me or my hijab
jojonono33678 jojonono33678 Dec 24, 2016
Question why do some only wear the hijab but not the whole body cloth thing (sorry forgot the name) isn't that part of their religion as Well ??
taboo0 taboo0 Dec 10, 2016
I can never understand people who don't respect other's religion