Hogwarts watches A Very Potter Senior Year

Hogwarts watches A Very Potter Senior Year

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dracoishalfelf By dracoishalfelf Updated Aug 27, 2017

"Ooh I'm looking forward to this."
"But it's the last one!"
"You never know. They might make one about Harry's future kid."
"Ok let's just watch this thing."

NARRATOR: A dark stage; we hear the "ding" of an elevator as it comes to a stop. An Elevator Voice says...

"Ok this has never happened before." Ron said. 
"What do you mean?"
"The narrator."

ELEVATOR VOICE: Bottom Floor. The Department of Mysteries.

LUNA: Lumos. Lights up on Luna. She takes out wand then leaves elevator. 

Everyone gaped at Luna's exact twin. 
NEVILLE: Luna! Wait for me! Neville comes out of elevator out of breath. 

"I have a feeling Neville and Luna will be a bit more main in this."

LUNA: Come on Neville!

NEVILLE: Sorry. It's a nervous tick; I slow down whenever I have to hurry up.

"That makes no sense."

LUNA: Wow, we're here. The Department of Mysteries. Isn't it wonderful? All the world's most mysterious and magical anomalies in one booby-trapped labyrinth. I wanna see the Room of Death! 

"No I don...

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