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Little Doll | Creepypasta X Reader

Little Doll | Creepypasta X Reader

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ヤンデレ ★ By EarlLeviTea Updated 2 days ago

She resembles the image of a doll. Beautiful, innocent and flawless.  Ah, yes just like a doll.  She can be easily forgotten.  She's a creature that no person would dare harm.  Yet, just like a doll.  She's manipulated and played by the people around her.  Now she plays a melody destined to end one's life

"Heartbeats are for people who deserve them, Not for the ones who lay in a coffin."

A phrase, ah yes, that sentence only rolls out from her destroyed mind.  She has finally grown up.  Look at her now.  She's still like a doll.  But this time.  She manipulates everyone.  She can make them kneel with just a blink of an eye.  Looks like she's forgotten what happiness was. 

How's about you help her a bit.  We can make a deal.  Make her smile and I, in return, will free you of this retched curse.  You have until midnight.

Cover by: @EarlLeviTea

                              GREAT NAME!!
                              Imagine a Principal with the last name XD
Oh great....
                              Time to turn to my Xeno buddeh -3-
Ummm... the principal called me cute then pet me.... I'm getting a bad feeling
I'm sorry am I a dog. Do I need a leash do I need to fetch your slippers as well
Why do I have a schedule if I'm like 5 and I'm in Kindergarten
Dylan O'Brien, Cameron Dallas, Carter Reynolds, Taylor Caniff, and Nash Grier? (XD sorry they just came to my head)