Little Doll ; Discontinued | Creepypasta X Reader

Little Doll ; Discontinued | Creepypasta X Reader

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🌻 Minhyukie。 By EarlLeviTea Updated Aug 20, 2017

She resembles the image of a doll. Beautiful, innocent and flawless.  Ah, yes just like a doll.  She can be easily forgotten.  She's a creature that no person would dare harm.  Yet, just like a doll.  She's manipulated and played by the people around her.  Now she plays a melody destined to end one's life

"Heartbeats are for people who deserve them, Not for the ones who lay in a coffin."

A phrase, ah yes, that sentence only rolls out from her destroyed mind.  She has finally grown up.  Look at her now.  She's still like a doll.  But this time.  She manipulates everyone.  She can make them kneel with just a blink of an eye.  Looks like she's forgotten what happiness was. 

How's about you help her a bit.  We can make a deal.  Make her smile and I, in return, will free you of this retched curse.  You have until midnight.

Cover by: @EarlLeviTea

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CherryfangIIEve CherryfangIIEve Apr 12, 2017
                              GREAT NAME!!
                              Imagine a Principal with the last name XD
gtfoWinter gtfoWinter Nov 22, 2017
That actually reminds me of Jax from Mortal Kombat cause he punches a lot
CherryfangIIEve CherryfangIIEve Apr 12, 2017
Oh great....
                              Time to turn to my Xeno buddeh -3-
CleanfreakFromHell CleanfreakFromHell Jun 02, 2017
People pet me irl too. First it was just my family then it was my friends and on my last vacation it was some wierd drunk person.
sarahbernalte sarahbernalte Aug 20, 2017
Tord_Loves_Hentai Tord_Loves_Hentai Apr 18, 2017
Ummm... the principal called me cute then pet me.... I'm getting a bad feeling