The Jauregui Twins

The Jauregui Twins

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How can two identical twins be so different??

Lauren Jauregui - school badass, will fuck anyone who gets in her way. She's barely passing, and known for her player reputation. 

Michelle Jauregui - Lauren's twin. That's what she's known as in school. She's a nerd, always on the top of her class. She's nothing like her sister.



Sequel: Brøken

Can someone plz explain this beta and alpha stuff please????
SupermanAndBacon SupermanAndBacon 3 days ago
Oh gosh too much cringe in that I swear makes me wanna hit my head against a wall repeatedly
someonehelp someonehelp Mar 12
I'm glad I watch teen wolf, tvd, and the originals so I can understand all of this werewolf stuff
I need one two girl you gotta do what you gotta do when your struggling 😂
I don't know how to feel about this😂😂I want to ship it but like I want the og camren