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Hogwarts: Dan x Phil x Reader

Hogwarts: Dan x Phil x Reader

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Ty the Knot By ninjaPANDAty Completed

First year of Hogwarts and you knew no one because you were always homeschooled. What happens when you meet two guys and befriend them. 

(Y/n) - your name
(Y/l) - your last name
(H/c)- hair color 
(E/c)- eye color 
(F/B)-favorite book
(Y/p) - your pet(owl, cat, toad, or frog)

And what is Slyltherin? I thought it was Slytherin? Sorry, just confused on the spelling
GalWrites GalWrites Apr 19
                              [I had a hatstall on Pottermore between Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, and I SHÏT you not I researched the different characteristics for ten full minutes befor eI went for Hufflepuff. I take it wayyyyyy to sirusly but screw it, I'm proud of my house.]
personal_space_plz personal_space_plz Dec 20, 2016
Wat the fu ck?!?!?! HE IS A SLYTHERDOR!! 
                              Translation: I think he's a Slytherin. He has said he's a Gryffindor. But I won't have it
Lane_Levens Lane_Levens Apr 20, 2016
It was good, it gave necessary details and short and sweet, perfect.👍🏻
vallycatty vallycatty Dec 19, 2016
Lot's of Hufflepuff they must be VERY happy!! There my second fav house,next to Gryffindor!!~
personal_space_plz personal_space_plz Dec 20, 2016
That's not the pottermore description....that's kind of a rude description of the houses....sorry plz don't kill me I just was a little offended