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Tamara By MissOfRoses Completed

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  " Don't check under my bed, 
  Check inside my head. "
  ●but why does
feel like a birdcage?●

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EnviousXx EnviousXx Sep 07
Baby please call mewhen youhave the chance, i need to know whats going on? Straight crom the mouth
gigbrow gigbrow 2 days ago
Sometimes we try to fight our demons. But thing is, they've lived inside our heads for so long that they've figured out our weaknesses.
Sadiev123 Sadiev123 5 days ago
You can't tame some deamons and don't try to fight them they'll win
I have only been known as a 🐺 and a shield, I think I may be questioning that now
jeriahroach jeriahroach Sep 07
Wild, wild, wild thoughts.
                              When I'm with you all I get is wild thoughts
I grew up on in island that is 6 miles wide, and 12 miles long 65% of out area is jungled off. It is pitch black when it hits 6, and I stay far off in the jungle, I pretty much grew up in the dark. The dark is my friend