Untrusted Wolf (DISCONTINUED)

Untrusted Wolf (DISCONTINUED)

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dead account By Arukira Updated May 31, 2016

Sky The Werewolf fanfic (skywolf)

"This was a sudden change of events. From what I recall, I didn't even bare my teeth." The words slung off my tongue as their eyes widened, shock and disbelief written all over their expressions. Wouldn't I be dead by now?

Sky, an orphan who escaped the city plenty of years ago, was met in an unusual situation at the darkest of the night. You know what happens if you got bitten, rather than torn apart?

Living through rough eight years, made his composure more serious. A very deadly one at that. He had learned many things, even as much as taking action, without knowing the consequences actually.

A sudden change of events were caused by hunters. A group of people, named 'Team crafted' had stumbled in. Though, they weren't as clueless as Sky saw them last time.

|This was inspired by Skywolf (Original) by squeaker01 and Vanoss The Wererwolf(deleted)
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ToxicWaffle183 ToxicWaffle183 Apr 08, 2016
It's a hard not life for you 
                              It's a hard not life for you
                              Instead of kiss you get kicked
                              (I don't remember the rest*
Squeaker01 Squeaker01 Apr 07, 2016
Dude I freaking LOVE this! The escalation, as you put it, just makes it more intense and awesome as it throws you into the story! I really hope you can continue soon :3