The Becoming - l.s

The Becoming - l.s

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hi I am Cali By alicethelesbian Updated Jan 03

Harry was ruthless to say the least. Top most wanted in the demonic and twisted town most outsiders know well of, the vampire enjoyed striking his prey with charm, before his bloodstained teeth. As the 1950's style grew on him, he warped into a beautiful specimen admired by all, the darkness didn't consume him when he became good. No one dared to think any less of the powerful spawn of Satan. 

Louis was innocent to the eyes of many. Perfectly groomed to be the best in his class and a steady vegetarian, his life in the era of Elvis Presley and milkshakes at the drive in movies couldn't have been any better.

Who knew something so sweet could turn so wretched from a single bite.

cover made by the gorgeous @styleslight check her out 

story also on ao3 under my wattpad name

all the love x

alicethelesbian alicethelesbian 2 days ago
@BabyFaceJulie07 girl i'm a haole but i've lived here for so long you might as well consider me local lol 
                              GIRL IF YOU LIVE ON ISLAND HMU i'm from santa rita but i'm in yigo currently
BabyFaceJulie07 BabyFaceJulie07 2 days ago
Girl, I'm from Saipan. Lol. But if I'm on Guam we should totally chill. Esta, Che'lu
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Ha that's funny my skin is full of pimples you wouldn't want it 😂
alicethelesbian alicethelesbian 2 days ago
omg i was in saipan literally a few weeks ago gorgeous place i loved it even more than here :):)
Now I'm imagining her pulse literally pleading for Harry to bite into it lmao
LarryStalker98 LarryStalker98 Sep 06, 2016
Oh this is the story ive been searching! All smut and kink.. im so ready