BABYBOY | vmin

BABYBOY | vmin

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#savethebees By dogmood Updated Jul 31, 2017

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this story includes a transgender character and if you aren't okay with that, i suggest you not go near any of my books in neither the near or far future.

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PureJin PureJin Feb 17
Why do I have a feeling this will be better then the TomTord smut i used to read when i came here?
                              Idek I haven't even started
mindeia mindeia Mar 17
i ran out of taekook ffs to read so im reading the next best thing
I’ll be upset if there are army’s not okay with this! But for me, it’s cool! Let’s do this thing
it's stupid that people are transphobic and/or against lgbt. just stupid.
zomilde zomilde 5 days ago
ive been rewatching the office and i literally read this in jim’s voice jeusus
Taekeruyo Taekeruyo Jan 26
Reading this for the 638292749320th time and still excited XD