Not Blueberries...

Not Blueberries...

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Everett By ginger___blossom Updated Mar 08, 2017

Nick and Judy don't realize, even as Bellwether cocks the gun, that those aren't blueberries in the barrel. 

Switched between Third-person, Nick, and Judy's POV periodically when the time calls for it. Mainly Nick. 

Heavy Hoppswilde shipping

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Warning: Dark and/or mature, deals with some dark stuff. Read AYOR


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WolfHeartWriter WolfHeartWriter Apr 28, 2016
I agree with NickWildeFox. I like that you added it in. And, this is amazingly written!
ginger___blossom ginger___blossom Mar 27, 2016
Oh also, I noticed that yes the Point of view is completely wacko. I changed it and corrected my mistakes, I am just going to label when its Third person, Nick, or Judy's POV when the appropriate time comes.
geekinthecorner geekinthecorner Mar 27, 2016
                              But just one question... What POV is it written in? It kind of looks like it's everywhere.
                              (Btw it's J.X.Q from insta)
- - Apr 05, 2016
The collar idea was actually part of the original plot. Thank you for adding that  in there. I found that concept really interesting.
ginger___blossom ginger___blossom Aug 01, 2016
Thank you so much @zoo-to-hell I really REALLY appreciate it!  I enjoy darker tones as well, and I wanted to show it.
ginger___blossom ginger___blossom Apr 06, 2016
Yep!  I LOVE that Au. I'm actually thinking about making another story about it, but I figured I would add it in here and maybe create another story after this one is finished.