The unexplainable (Twilight Fanfiction)  * ON HOLD*

The unexplainable (Twilight Fanfiction) * ON HOLD*

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The outsider By candycanesodapop Updated Apr 16

Cassie Swan has always been different. No one knew how this happened. Everyone thought she was weird. She finds people who can explain why she's the way she is, but they don't know if Cassie will be able to handle the information.

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DarkFallenAngel12 DarkFallenAngel12 Oct 11, 2017
I am crying now i wanna drop Bella on her ass and kick her till she's half dead
Georgiaraine26 Georgiaraine26 Sep 25, 2017
That should have ended with her In hospital front he car flipping on the road
lummer24 lummer24 a day ago
No one is gonna comment on the dirty reasons why Emmet and Rosalie are the only ones with a bed
yggepdna yggepdna Jun 02, 2017
@candycanesodapop can you break this into more paragraphs?
                              I'm not trying to be rude, I love your writing, but I think it would be better if you broke it up into paragraphs.❤
I think it's focking awesome (little jealous..) when i was younger I always wanted to have heterochromia (that's what they call it,  "hetero" means different and "chromia" means color)