Why so scared? (Yandere werewolf X reader)

Why so scared? (Yandere werewolf X reader)

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You're a huntress, alone to go hunt the legendary werewolf that no other hunters were able to kill. Your father taught you well before dying, and you were determined to bring back the wolf's head to your village in honour for your father who died because of one.

You get lost one night, and meet a nice boy who helps you. Theres something wrong with him though. Theres too many secrets that hes keeping and you're determined to discover what exactly they are
Yandere werewolf X reader!

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Cover creds to the amazing @otakuforevz <3

WARNING: may contain intimate, bloody and violent contents

You have been warned, continue reading! Hope you enjoy!!


Karisa:I agree to that ♡~♡
                              Kiron: and I dont agree to that *eats cheesecake*
When I say cute, I mean Honey senpai, Nell from bleach, Happy,  and Ushio from Clannad.... does he have a puffy face? c:
... I would never say that... If I did, I'd tell him to kill me..
KiyaListon KiyaListon Mar 15
I thought it said 'anxious to get his soaked clothes off' and was like
MandieDM MandieDM 4 days ago
Why do the yandere have to be hot people and be so evil at the same time
kayoripow kayoripow Feb 26
Shhh no one knows*whispers* NO FUDGE THAT *yells* IM A KIWI!