Lustful Mania || Yandere Male werewolf X reader ||

Lustful Mania || Yandere Male werewolf X reader ||

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You're a huntress, alone to go hunt the legendary werewolf that no other hunters were able to kill. Your father taught you well before dying, and you were determined to bring back the wolf's head to your village in honour for your father who died because of one.

You get lost one night, and meet a nice boy who helps you. Theres something wrong with him though. Theres too many secrets that hes keeping and you're determined to discover what exactly they are
Yandere werewolf X reader!

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Cover creds to @CuteAkiraChan

WARNING: may contain intimate, bloody and violent contents

You have been warned, continue reading! Hope you enjoy!!


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cortnycat cortnycat Mar 26
Ryu: yeah um...i-it’s late, how about we go to sleep now?
                              Me: WE?! WHAT DO YOU MEAN WE?! ARE WE SHARING A BED?!?!
I thought of the Sakamakis... And then Ciel Phantomhive... Wut.
livescarry livescarry Mar 01
me: how don't you question this? did you have a room made for me beforehand? that's creepy.
                              Cal: i wouldn't even do that.
.-. And karma is better good bye I'm gonna find a McDonald's
Dear wolf boy? , 
                              Get ready to be kick in the ass or I'll just betch slap yoh!
                              (*😂? *)
emogirly67 emogirly67 Jan 25
I thought that the slender mansion is the only mansion in the woods? Apparently I was wrong 😡