The Marriage Law

The Marriage Law

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TheRamseyWriter By TheRamseyWriter Updated Nov 29

The wizard population is decreasing steadily after the war. The ministry had to fix this problem. They came up with the Marriage Law, saying all wizards over the age of 17-18 (depending on what family you are from and who you are) has to marry the witch/wizard selected for them. 

But some will not accept who they are paired with. 

How will they survive? 

Find out in The Marriage Law.

EmojiMay EmojiMay Oct 13
Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw are NOT boring! As a Hufflepuff, I find this a little offensive(even though I know it was just a lighthearted joke). But seriously, though....
breezy12399 breezy12399 Sep 25
BADGER PRIDE, BICHES! You just pissed off over fifty percent of the fandom (because even some Gryffindors and Slytherins could get pissedoff by this).
Because of my freakin snake!! Im gonna kill that snake latet
Can't she still screw him and make his baby, because the law didn't say anything about that, only that you can't take any contraceptive potions and what-not.
They're not boring! As a Slytherclaw, I find this offensive.
I don't know why but I am expecting someone to say something outrageous like," I only like dìck, " or something like that. Or something off-topic like, " I like cupcakes."  And make everyone shut up.