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FuckBoy Oh Sehun || hunhan

FuckBoy Oh Sehun || hunhan

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Hunhan ✨ By flowergirl197 Updated Jan 20

Let's just say that Sehun is a fuckboy.  And Luhan won't fall for his dirty tricks hopefully.

Yeah right your gonna 'break' him trust me all you be doing is falling for him
Ok but I actually screenshoted this like 10 times just to get the different changes, I'm such trash
I suddenly forgive him for everything bad he's ever done including what he did in the sex addict fanfic
LuHan you're my ultimate bias and I love you but seriously you need to let the manly thing go
Ugh I fúcking hate him why does he have to be so hot?? Like why boy I didn't ask for this
This reminds me of all the exo sexo trailers and every time they're like is lay in the movie? But he rarely is