Confessions of A Confused Teenager [UNPUBLISHING FEB. 1ST]

Confessions of A Confused Teenager [UNPUBLISHING FEB. 1ST]

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Katie Shakespeare By KatieShakespeare Completed

IMPORTANT: This story will be unpublished February 1st. For more information, read my message in "Conversations" on my profile or direct message me.

[Disclaimer: I wrote this a few years ago, so it's not the best. If you see any errors and or anything that could possibly be wrong or offensive then please let me know. I was in high school when I wrote this and my writing was quite immature and faulty back then. Please and thank you.]

Brody Kumichel is your typical sarcastic and snarky teenager looking to piss someone off. Chance is his best friend, much like Brody but calmer of the two. What happens when their boundaries of friendship become hazy as their high school career comes to a close?

amusicrocketship amusicrocketship Mar 29, 2016
Lol in 6th grade you immediately started swearing like a sailor.
ShatteredMind ShatteredMind Sep 08, 2013
I feel like there was a lot of pointless facts for the beginning. It was written well its just I don't know I guess just what you wrote about you just stated facts. We could have figured out the stuff through an actual story line
secretlyapanda13 secretlyapanda13 Jul 27, 2013
This story made me believe i was there i never wanted it to end i cried in some parts and blushed along with him i loved this story so much
Amor_es_Amor Amor_es_Amor Jun 26, 2012
AH! How sad! Chance is sweet and Brody being all mean and whatnot :p
KatieShakespeare KatieShakespeare Jun 26, 2012
@UzkeMonster @Amor_es_Amor Thanks guys :D This was my first story so I always felt it was a little amateur but now I feel otherwise! Be sure to check out the sequel once you're done reading it >^..^<
SirLoveless SirLoveless Jun 21, 2012
I love the personal take on it. To me it feels warm and makes me want to keep reading