Sold! To the HOT jerk. {Arranged Marriage}

Sold! To the HOT jerk. {Arranged Marriage}

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tammy <3 By quidzz Updated Jun 21, 2011


People scurried across the hall, their sneakers squeaking on the polished wood floor. I mean wood in a place people fall over alot? Well, where I fall over alot at least.

Becca Rayner suddenly appeared at my side with a fake smile plastered across her face, "hey Kris! Wanna be my partner? I'd love to be yours! Maybe we can hang out after school?"

Becca was our schools 'IT' girl. She was pretty much the most two-faced, irritating bitch ever. However, due to certain circumstances, she was always trying to impress me. And most of the time, I let her. You see, she controlled everything, and there was only one reason she even acknowledged my existence, but more about that later.

She has long dark hair with a gentle wave to it, big brown eyes framed with curly lashes. Tanned skin, strong nose, thick lips and high cheek bones. Though she mostly covered it up with inches of orange facepaint.


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gurlux gurlux Aug 20, 2017
I thought that it said that Marcs died when he was 10 and I was like how is he still alive?😂
deekshaamalik deekshaamalik Jan 09, 2014
U said Marc died when he was 10 so how can he drop out at 18
xRandomCrazyFunkyMe xRandomCrazyFunkyMe Apr 06, 2011
I thought it was going to be Cayden.. But seriously Marc! >:O
                              How could you?
                              Amazing still!
whskittles whskittles Jan 30, 2010
i cant believe she got sold off to marry someone she doesnt even no. I would die if that happened to me. Luv the story  write more soon :]
supernatural_me5 supernatural_me5 Jan 30, 2010
this is really good! i loved it when she said and out walked God. i thought it was hilarious!