Different  // Narry

Different // Narry

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DamnTucker By NiallForChonce_ Updated Jan 22

"You're a nerd"

"And you're an asshole" 

They're just teenagers with two completely different personalities.

AndThen25 AndThen25 Jan 03
All the narry books im reading currently are recognising Harry as the true princess that he is #satisfaction
snap_pea snap_pea Apr 01, 2016
Okay doll, I love ya, you seem super sweet and I love your name!! I like it when it is spelt with a "C". Okay now to the point. Use spell check, it will be your best friend. It is literally. Not litteraly.
NiallForChonce_ NiallForChonce_ Apr 04, 2016
Thank you! And yeah, i'll be more careful next time @snap_pea
hesmorenjh hesmorenjh Oct 06, 2016
I'm pan but why wouldnt I hide it? My family minds, my best friend doesnt mind but she, people at my School mind. Everybody judges you by your sexuality there. I mean, almost everybody.