Different  // Narry

Different // Narry

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DamnNarry By NiallForChonce_ Updated Nov 10

"You're a nerd"

"And you're an asshole" 

They're just teenagers with two completely different personalities.

snap_pea snap_pea Apr 01
Okay doll, I love ya, you seem super sweet and I love your name!! I like it when it is spelt with a "C". Okay now to the point. Use spell check, it will be your best friend. It is literally. Not litteraly.
Thank you! And yeah, i'll be more careful next time @snap_pea
drunkirk drunkirk Oct 06
I'm pan but why wouldnt I hide it? My family minds, my best friend doesnt mind but she, people at my School mind. Everybody judges you by your sexuality there. I mean, almost everybody.