❀ Light or Dark ✿

❀ Light or Dark ✿

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→ ChatNoir/AdrienAgreste x Reader ← 

》Sweet, Fluff One-shots 《 

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- - Jul 28, 2016
It's like that rare moment when you see chat smile and not smirk (which happened about twice in season 1)
puffybabyunicorn puffybabyunicorn Nov 02, 2016
I thought it said rich in fat and I was like WOW HES UNHEALTHY BUT I DONT CARE
FTLories4everafter FTLories4everafter Mar 30, 2016
I have a request for a one shot. Because the main character of my Adrien/Chat Noir x reader is a fairy I was thinking you could do a Adrien/Chat Noir x fairy!reader
LilithAkemi LilithAkemi Sep 06, 2016
That is suppressing because when I read the part about chat Noir fantasies my mind totally went into the gutter...
TrinitySuftko TrinitySuftko May 07, 2016
I literally did this with my friend the other day!!! 😂😂😂
KristieChick KristieChick Apr 19, 2016
You should do a second one with Adrien trying to make Reader jealous.