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Teen Dad

Teen Dad

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VampireQueen03 By VampireQueen03 Updated May 07

Michael Little hasn't lived a normal life since he was 11. First he was taken out of his home because his father was abusive and an alcoholic, and his single mother always traveling for her job, then at 12 he has to leave his foster family because they got pregnant with triplets, and could barley even take care of him. Then, not long before he became 14, he turned into a dad. 

While walking around after school one day, he heard crying, and soon stumbled across a little baby girl in an alleyway. Not sure what to do, he took her home and took care of her. Already having his own apartment that his mother helps pay rent in, he finds a job and takes care of the baby the best he can. 

Now, he's 19 and his daughter is turning 6, he has more struggles in his life. Missing so much school he was held back 2 years, being picked on cause people believe he got a woman pregnant that young, and having to work nights and managing his life and his daughters life in the mornings. But someone finally believes him and his story of how he got Annabelle, and helps him get through the struggles. Taking care of her while his at work, helping him get through classes, and much more.

This is Michael's life as a teen dad...

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                              When writing, don't start your sentences with "I." It's unprofessional.
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I'm going to stick adoption and the definition of it to everyone's forehead not really because that takes too much work but meh
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