ANGEL'S FATE (A Dark Enchantress Spin-Off)

ANGEL'S FATE (A Dark Enchantress Spin-Off)

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Krissy Snifeld By Just-Krissy Updated May 27, 2011

Blurb: For years Nicole had been trying everything in her power to keep her daughter safe from all the dangers that sought out the young half-breed. But he finally found her, and Nicole knew that he would stop at nothing until Aurora breathes her last breath. In one last vast effort to save her daughter, Nicole decides Aurora’s best chance at survival would be to hide the now teenage girl at Mystic Academy - a boarding school for all creatures supernatural and one of the most secure and rather expensive places in the world.

Upon arrival at Mystic Academy, Aurora quickly blends in and manages to make friends rather quickly. And just as quickly, she manages to make enemies. 

Living in a school packed with hundreds of young, out of control supernatural creatures isn’t as easy as Aurora would have hoped. And falling in love with two evil creatures of the night was definitely not a part of the plan. 

If love problems were her only issue Aurora could have handled it, but while at the school she can’t help but get this weird feeling about Mystic Academy. Something wasn’t right. It felt like someone, or something was watching her every move. Waiting for her to do something. 

Now, her biggest dilemma is trying to live through to the next year.

AshleeJadeBirmingham AshleeJadeBirmingham Jul 08, 2011
Please tell me you are goig to continue it I'm in love with it please write the next part soon
DawnCampeauSmith DawnCampeauSmith May 27, 2011
WOW!!!  I am so impressed.   :D   I remember a young girl you wouldn`t sit still for a story, and now she is WRITING!!!!!  WELL DONE Krissy.   I love keeping up with you.  
morningstories morningstories May 08, 2011
I love stories of angels and things like that, so I already love it just based on the content C: I like the direction this is going in and it reminds me of many "fallen angel" tales I've heard in the past while still being original. Voted, fanned and all that jazz. This is pretty awesome! 
shadow22 shadow22 May 04, 2011
Um hey I saw that you said you'd upload the 1st chapter when you reached 18 chaps on uncontrollable urges but your already on 21 chaps-so are you continuing with this story not? It would be awesome if you did...
xXxTwilightLuverxXx xXxTwilightLuverxXx Nov 29, 2010
-I like this!
                              It sounds intrestinq! Poor Caelum! So if his winqs are cut off, does thatt make him a mortal? Or does he just automatically die?
                              But can't wait until the first chapter! =]
Sandy3 Sandy3 Nov 28, 2010
i dont really get how this ties into uncontrollable urges but for a start good job!!