The Lycan King

The Lycan King

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///This book has been taken down to be edited there may be some grammatical errors still inside of the book but I fixed most of it.
Enjoy the story... I know some of you have been 
waiting for me to put the book back up😊///

Also for those who read this story before I advise you to read it over again because I changed most of it but it still has the same plot 👌🏾

      Lilly Clark is as innocent as a werewolf can get. Her father and mother is the Luna and alpha of their pack, silver stone. She also have 3 older brothers.
Her family as well as the pack is very overprotective of her. One because she is extremely clumsy for a werewolf, but also for her kind and pure heart. People can take advantage of her obliviousness. The reason why she is like this is because she is isolated from the world. And her disorder doesn't make it any easier on her.

Lilly doesn't mind their overprotectiveness because she thinks it is nice. 

One day Lilly decides to go for a run with her brother. What she doesn't know is that she will come across a vicious Lycan, not just any lycan but her mate, a mate who is the king of all werewolves, a mate who is not only a Lycan but a hybrid also, a mate who is immortal, a mate who is dominant, but also isn't afraid to put Lilly in her place if she misbehaves. A mate whose name is Damien Black.

//// this story involves a disorder that switches up her personality at some point. This is not ddlg because I'm not really comfortable with writing that sort of stuff. ////

 First book!!!

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The picture of Alex And Anton look like they are 40yrs old.  More like her Farther, Why???
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Hahahahaha the photoshop on the wolf carrying the rose looks so bad!!!!! Doesn't even look somewhat decent!! 😂😂😂😂👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 the rose looks like a beard on one side of the mouth and an extension on the other side!!