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Skylanite By Skylanite Updated Aug 12, 2016

*NOTE* The only reason this story is rated mature is because there is self-harming involved. No smut involved. Fluff, yea duh, but NO SMUT!

SmileSimplify SmileSimplify Jul 07, 2016
Ch 1: First line of second paragraph should start with "She squeals" and not with "She sequels." *smirk*
                              I will assume that both have been roommates for some time and they both have, unknowingly, been attracted to the other for quite a while. (Otherwise, that scene escalated really fast. LOL)
SmileSimplify SmileSimplify Jul 07, 2016
Ch 2: "She pulls ME back down..."
                              This chapter was good — but I really could have done without imagining "a wave of snot." That just seems like A LOT. O.o *shudders*