The Red Princess (Ruby Rose X Reader)

The Red Princess (Ruby Rose X Reader)

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Y/N was feared by the White Fang he stopped there shipments there Robbery's and even one of there leaders cinder 

Y/N had a bad child hood he was beat by his parents had no friends and was bullied a lot but it all changed when he was 10 when he ran away and make a camp in the Forrest

Then at a festival he sees a cute girl in a red cloak
He soon falls in love but will it be to late for the hero

Key E/c - eye color  Y/n - Your name  F/c - favorite color   H/c - Hair color

Any others will be at the top of the chapter


He just punched him in the face then he said, pardom my french........
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I'm Allways feeling, like somebody watching me, and I ain't got no privacy