Avengers Preferences

Avengers Preferences

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The Christmas Fairy™ By MaximoffsGirl Updated Oct 06

The title says all, but I'll have the following people in the book:

Toni Pepperoni (Tony Stark)
Stevie Wonder (Steve Rogers)
Bruce Wayne (Bruce Banner)
Mew mew (Thor Odinson)
Clinton Trimbley (Clint Barton) (sticker to anyone who gets the reference)
Roman Gnat (Natasha Romanoff)
Bucky-Boo-Bear (Bucky Barnes)
Peter Maxi-with-him-nothing-turns-me-off (Pietro Maximoff)
Wanda Venus Fairywinkle (Wanda Maximoff)

Gonna Add:
T-Chey (T'Challa)
Peter Pan (Peter Parker)
Sammy Willy (Sam Wilson)
James Buchanan Rhododendron (James Rhodes/Rhodey)
Scottish Man (Scott Lang)
Beepity Boop Bop Zeep (Baron Zemo) 
Low-Key Leafy-Son (Loki Laufeyson)

Holy hell I have my work cut out for me

Warning: fluff, innuendoes, sad stuff, (lotta sad stuff for Zemo), maybe some dirty stuff (idk yet)

Yavanna80 Yavanna80 May 14
Damn, I'm confident! 
                              Clint: I love that...
                              Laia: Anything else? 😳
                              Clint: You. 😚
Yavanna80 Yavanna80 Apr 01
*laughing hard* I would totally say that! You captured me well! 😄😆
                              Clint: Hey... Eyes are here 😏
                              Laia: I... Yeah... Beautiful... 😫
SpruceWood SpruceWood Nov 02
Even though I've only read one chapter, it's safe to say that your writing is kick ass and some of the best I've ever read to be honest
Yavanna80 Yavanna80 May 14
Hahahaha aaaawww so cute! I didn't know you were fond of those myths, Tash! 😄
Yavanna80 Yavanna80 Apr 01
Is it me or is it getting hot in here??
                              Clint: It's getting hot in here, babe 😏
                              Laia: *swooning hard*