Avengers Preferences

Avengers Preferences

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sponsor me By MaximoffsGirl Updated Feb 14

Hey. You should read this book if you like any main character in Civil War, Age of Ultron or Avengers (who isn't a robot). Yep. I have 16 characters in here. And I'm thinking of adding more. 

The title says all, but I'll have the following people in the book:

Toni Pepperoni (Tony Stark)
Stevie Wonder (Steve Rogers)
Bruce Wayne (Bruce Banner)
Mew mew (Thor Odinson)
Clinton Trimbley (Clint Barton) (sticker to anyone who gets the reference)
Roman Gnat (Natasha Romanoff)
Bucky-Boo-Bear (Bucky Barnes)
Peter Maxi-with-him-nothing-turns-me-off (Pietro Maximoff)
Wanda Venus Fairywinkle (Wanda Maximoff)
T-Chey (T'Challa)
Peter Pan (Peter Parker)
Sammy Willy (Sam Wilson)
James Buchanan Rhododendron (James Rhodes/Rhodey)

Scottish Man (Scott Lang)
Helmet Boop Bop Zeep (Helmut Zemo) 
Low-Key Leafy-Son (Loki Laufeyson)

Holy hell I have my work cut out for me

Warning: fluff, innuendoes, sad stuff, (lotta sad stuff for Zemo), maybe some dirty stuff (idk yet)b

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ellie_skeys_tw ellie_skeys_tw Mar 13, 2017
First fight 
                              Getting a pet 
                              Watching a horror movie 
                              Day at the beach 
                              Meeting the parents 
                              What they love most about you 
                              What songs you sing together
Azureman136 Azureman136 Apr 28, 2017
When you get super powers. (Accident or not)
                              You meet friends from other fandoms. (Supernatural, Doctor who, Vampire Diaries etc) 
                              Playing a scary game.
kodaandshilo12 kodaandshilo12 Apr 22, 2017
When your depressed. And or self harm. Sorry, you Don't have to
-vivacious_one- -vivacious_one- Mar 12, 2017
Some suggestions: 
                              Turn ons
                              Movie nights 
                              Road trips 
                              How you pamper each other 
CcileDezan CcileDezan Apr 22, 2017
Scott catch-up
                              Break up/make up
                              Turn ons 
                              Meeting the parents
                              Pregnancy series 
                              You/they think they're/you're cheating
                              Pick-up lines (dirty and clean)
                              Matching outfits
TheCraftySongbird TheCraftySongbird Jun 13, 2017
•Flower crowns
                              •Fav RWBY characters(I can help with this)
                              •Choker they give you
                              •Irritating/mean things you do together
                              •You are kidnapped
                              •You dye your hair an unnatural color
                              •fav books
                              •you get a tattoo