alive & dead {stallison au}

alive & dead {stallison au}

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"but you died."

"did I really Stiles?"

stallison au
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lightxhearted lightxhearted Aug 15, 2017
Agree!! They deserved more screentime too, I would've loved to see more of an in-depth friendship or relationship ;)
starryeyedturtle starryeyedturtle Aug 15, 2017
I hate how everyone forgets that Allison was Stiles' friend too. In the tribute videos all you seem to see mourning her are Chris Argent, Scott and Lydia. Think of all those times where Stiles and Allison looked out for each other, they were really close!
void22freya void22freya 7 days ago
Honestly Stallison is the most underrated friendship in the world