Break Free (boyxboy)

Break Free (boyxboy)

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Jayden Crew is a 16 year old boy who lives in St. Louis, Missouri. He has brown hair and a sarcastic attitude that will probably get him killed one day. He basically lives with Nathan McCoy, his long term babysitter who also looks after the house when Jayden's mom is away (which is all the time). 

Nathan has manipulated Jayden in more ways than you can imagine. Because of Nathan, Jayden doesn't understand how relationships are actually supposed to be like. 

Jayden's life long best friend Aaron Damari doesn't know the truth about what's been happening to Jayden, even though they tell each other everything. 

Jayden is confused. He is lost. He doesn't understand his own feelings. 

All Jayden does know, is that he can not let anyone find out about what Nathan does. 

How long can Jayden keep this a secret from his best friend who has done nothing but worry about him all his life? How much will change along the way?

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Keito-Shizumi Keito-Shizumi Jul 13, 2017
I cannot. I am afraid to read on. This is the prologue and I am afraid.
Keito-Shizumi Keito-Shizumi Jul 13, 2017
"I'm not going to force you to do anything..." 
                              Attempts to pull away. 
                              "this is what we have to do, okay?" Um... no
Keito-Shizumi Keito-Shizumi Jul 13, 2017
Actually it's michelangelo. As a fan myself, I naturally have to join the argument.
exxceptionally exxceptionally Oct 07, 2017
This Lil boy ain't neveeerrrr 11 and getting carried to the car, he gotta weigh a hunnid pounds , what a big kid😂😂😭 and the way he talk he like 6 or 7
Thebloodygrimmreaper Thebloodygrimmreaper Jun 02, 2016
I've read two paragraphs and I'm hooked. I can't wait to continue, it's going into my library. 😍😍😍
glitterberry16 glitterberry16 Jun 02, 2016
Hey I love this it's good could you check my story out please