VidCon Love || Miniminter

VidCon Love || Miniminter

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Kate Evans is a very popular YouTuber.
She has over 15 million subscribers with her channels combined.(Gaming &Main) 
Her fans ship her with many guys .

She always denied these ships .
But what happens when she finds herself falling for one guy ?

voidtube voidtube Oct 16
She looks like Stefanie Giezenger (idk how to spell her name), the Model that Marcus is unofficial dating
Saté is a kind of food in the Netherlands.  It's meat with peanut sauce
luxjzl luxjzl Oct 19
I've seen this series floating around for a while and I'm onLY JUST READING IT
nxsah_xix nxsah_xix Sep 24
The little disclaimer at the end. 😂 'I mean no harm. I come in peace.'
Jmartini Jmartini Aug 30
Nahhhh... Even in stories there is something stopping people going out with Simon 😫😂
pixiwolf pixiwolf Sep 12
Why evans a lot of peaple say evans as there last name and its my last name to ahhhhhh