VidCon Love || Miniminter

VidCon Love || Miniminter

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Kate Evans is a very popular YouTuber.
She has over 15 million subscribers with her channels combined.(Gaming &Main) 
Her fans ship her with many guys .

She always denied these ships .
But what happens when she finds herself falling for one guy ?

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MicaylaOwO MicaylaOwO Jul 04, 2017
Its funny because my name is Micayla, commonly mispelled as Mikayla
milaie-nether milaie-nether Mar 31, 2017
He's always sarcastic, you can't be offended. Accept the fact that he made Ethan cried once.
Am I the only one who thought of Jj when he ask Simon what has he done if that one video where Simon wrapped Jj's room up with Christmas wrapping paper
youngminter youngminter Nov 26, 2017
This chapter was so good!! I was laughing the entire time 😂
-sidemenftw- -sidemenftw- Apr 30, 2017
i wouldn't trust this zoe hoe, she's gonna kidnap kate. ffs kate can't you see the red flags.
fleurce fleurce Mar 04, 2017
bet he's secretly broken up with his gf.. orrr she's like another Youtuber or something and they did it for publicity only (cough cough girl online)