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Jealousy (READ MY NEW ONE)

Jealousy (READ MY NEW ONE)

34.4K Reads 1.4K Votes 25 Part Story
M e g g i e By MxggieChan Completed


Nathaneal has a crush on Marinette, but she has a crush on Adrien, but Adrien likes Ladybug. Will Adrien get jealous when Nathaneal asks Marinette on a date?

Gosh Alya stop stuttering when Mari is around Adrien. You're ruining her chances!!
shwowmygaga shwowmygaga May 06
Why it's like what happened when Mari was about to give Adrien a present? Does Chloe has a crush on Mari?!😏😏😏😏😏😏
CpJules CpJules Feb 26
How is she strong enough to do that? She can't even protect herself from Akuma xD
Ooooooooh, Chloe to the adrienette rescue! Why didn't she just let tomato child ask Mari out? But anyways, DANG CHLOE STRONG!
HaleySchmid HaleySchmid Nov 16, 2016
Oh Chloe, didn't your parents teach you that it's wrong to push your future husband and soulmate?
MaesyRelator MaesyRelator Oct 31, 2016
Yes let's do it Tonight eeveeofinsanity lets kîll her hhahahahahahaha *Evil laugh*