When Like Minds Collide (Brightmore #1)

When Like Minds Collide (Brightmore #1)

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Lord Marshall Sutherland wanted a wife.

He had also known exactly who he wanted as his wife for precisely a year. Unfortunately, Miss I.P. Bright was a pseudonym and locating the wench had taken a considerable amount of time, effort and money on his part. He had spent the better part of his time last year at the blasted London Season only to discover that it was apparent Miss I.P. Bright – whoever she was- did not run in the same circles as him. It had been an irksome and trying experience because now every débutante and her mama thought that he sought a wife, any wife. But that wasn't the case. He was hunting for a particular woman and no other woman would do. Marshall was a man of definable tastes and once he knew what he wanted, he generally got it.

Miss Imogen Brightmore did not want a husband, especially one the likes of Lord Marshall Sutherland, who boorishly and chauvinistically opposed her anonymously published articles. So when a handsome, intelligent and agreeable country gentleman comes to town, Imogen finds herself surprisingly attracted to him and little does she suspect that he harbors a secret that could ruin their blossoming courtship.

this is so great :) I'm already in love with these characters and it's only the first part!
arolfc arolfc Jun 28
I love the banter in this book! The letters to each other are hilarious, especially her last response. This is so well written. It reminds me a little bit of Storm and Silence which also has great banter between the main characters. Love it! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Apparently I need to take a break from rewatching BTVS because I read 'sire' and the theme song started playing in my head... This isn't even a vampire book😅😂 This is really good though!
wisegirl99 wisegirl99 Apr 23
THANK YOU! He said what everyone was thinking.
                              Marshall, listen to your father.
wisegirl99 wisegirl99 Apr 23
Again your father is telling the truth but will you listen, no.
nerdyasian7 nerdyasian7 Feb 12
I just wanted to say... this is the third book of yours that I'm reading in 24 hours. I finished Vicky's and Emily's stories 😅