The Curse Of Asara Lubat [On Hold]

The Curse Of Asara Lubat [On Hold]

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D.C.C By ClintDurueke Updated Jun 28, 2020

Barely five days to graduation day, suburban Redwood High School is struck by a devastating occurrence: the death of senior, Gemma Rose in a car crash. This leaves four of her closest companions- her boyfriend Drew, Penelope, Reza and Isla with little or no desire to keep deciphering a chain of inexplicable disasters in the city. But one revelation will change everything:

History was repeating itself. Ominously. 

Embroiled in a race against time to avert a climatic disaster of catastrophic proportions, the four young adults will remain oblivious to a deeper conflict...and the gift that comes with The Curse.

- Ongoing Story | Eleven Chapters Left.