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Yuri Incest (Girl X Girl & Sister X Sister)

Yuri Incest (Girl X Girl & Sister X Sister)

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MakiNico and DiaRuby is Life By Kagura483 Updated Apr 01

A girl named Codyne longing to have a little sister, suddenly an unexpected visitor arrived, she was surprised to see her father with a cute girl named Hannah knowing that she will be her new little sister. His father said that they will live together with her new step little sister Hannah. How are they relationship will be? Find out! ^^


Codyne (Main) - The older sister who is usually playful and mean towards her close friends. She's popular in their school together with her boyfriend. She loves teasing her little sister all the time because she likes cute things and seems to see Hannah as cute, sometimes called siscon by her boyfriend. She's a different person when at school and at house and her little sister Hannah only knows it.

Hannah (Main) - The little sister who is shy but kind and friendly. She has androphobia, not comfortable with guy's due to the incidence when she was young. She often got tease by her sister and hates it beacause of her fragile personality but as long as her sister teases her, the more that she's becoming comfortable with it and with her.

Kana - A typical school girl with a tsundere personality. Because of not having friends since childhood she becomes cold towards people but despite that, she ends up being friends with Hannah. She only shows her soft and warm personality towards Hannah, but cold personality towards everyone else especially to Codyne who doesn't like her because of something happened when she transferred last year.

Lance - A cassonova handsome looking guy that can hook up girl's hearts instantly. He's kind and gentleman but usually flirts all the time. He's Codyne's boyfriend but he asked and made Codyne her girlfriend intentionally by offerring a limited teddy bear that Codyne loves, she don't know why Lance made her his girlfriend, leaving her with curiosity.

(More charaters to come! Stay updated!)

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Honestly, I don’t understand why Lilli would accept her cheating ex-husband into her home again. Also, I don’t get why Codyne is okay with this. It doesn’t make sense.
DreadWolfprincess DreadWolfprincess Dec 30, 2017
Wait how why did Cs mom agree to this is he a wizard or something it didn't sound like she was in any rush to get back on her knees for him in there meating something is off
am i the only one that cant understand what the writer is saying?
Quiescent-Rose Quiescent-Rose Aug 17, 2017
wouldn't they normally just share the room then? I would feel really awkward moving in somewhere and taking someones room and making them sleep on the couch.
Quiescent-Rose Quiescent-Rose Aug 17, 2017
so what about Hannah's mother? Hopefully that will be brought up soon.
DreadWolfprincess DreadWolfprincess Dec 30, 2017
Beloved already I have half siblings that I almost never see and i wouldn't say I love them