My Neko (Neko!Eren x Depressed!Levi)

My Neko (Neko!Eren x Depressed!Levi)

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TitanKilerGaySwimmer By The_Silent_Writer63 Updated May 27, 2016

Levi Ackerman has never had a good life. He lives alone near the woods and he rarely speaks to anyone besides his small circle of friends.

One day, Levi finds a small cat on his doorstep on the brink of death. 

Unknowingly, Levi accepts the cat (after a lot of persuasion) and the two live together.

But this cat that Levi has isn't an ordinary cat, in fact, he's a Neko! 

Scared that Levi won't allow him to stay, Eren keeps this  a secret and stays in cat form whenever Levi is home, and goes into human form when he is at work. 

But will Erens secret be revealed?

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Vanessa36735 Vanessa36735 Dec 08, 2017
This is me except I would eat 1 taco and go two days without eating.
Celestia221 Celestia221 Jan 19
What kind of house is Hanji living in?
                              (No offense) but that would be an ugly house
*shoves food in Levi's mouth*
                              *Realises what I did*
                              *Runs for my life
*whispers* author-chan... Levi is a boy.. are you questioning his gender?
Dem cleaning supplies do😂
                              Some extra cleanex and Mr.clean
alphewolf alphewolf Mar 19
At least this isn't one of those thing where she just doesn't give two shits and is a arsewhole to him