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Septiplier and Darkiplier x AntiSepticEye

Septiplier and Darkiplier x AntiSepticEye

36.2K Reads 969 Votes 9 Part Story
shipsandOTPsarelife By shipsandOTPsarelife Completed

When Mark and Jack confess their feelings for each other , their dark halves come out to  play. Little did they know, their dark halves liked each other too. 

Note: Anti-jack and Darkiplier are nicer than in some other fanfics. Anti-jack mainly knocks things over and steals food from the fridge. Dark is less nice than anti-jack but still nice. Jack and mark know about their own (physical formed) dark selves but not each other's. Dark and Anti-Jack can also not be in a physical form, but still interact with things.

Oooooo I wonder if Mark and Jack will falling on love and Dark and Anti!!!!?!?!?!
ShipperFic ShipperFic Jun 27
This is really good! I'm sceptiplier trash! Shippers gotta ship.
CardboardPoet413 CardboardPoet413 Nov 02, 2016
oooor jack just saw that you were talking to yourself in an empty room, you moldy cereal bar
nepeta64 nepeta64 Jan 10
im trying to hold in my fangirl squeals >^< my family is in the house ='>
Anti-Jack sounds like my older brother... stealing my food and sleeping all day.
sexykittykat0 sexykittykat0 Dec 22, 2016
nah can't be true I always thought mark was taller then jack