urban legends

urban legends

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a book of urban legends from around the world not always for the faint of heart. 

written by yours truly 
rani- ︎☁︎ 
kayla- ✇

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-sharmoans -sharmoans May 27, 2017
bish that ain't no statue you better flee your ass to wisconsin
khurune khurune Sep 26, 2017
Oh I read the version where the babysitter doesnt get there in time and the kids die
rainyaesthetics rainyaesthetics Jun 06, 2017
In the end of the version I read the babysitter went to get the kids but their heads were slit
yuri232323 yuri232323 Dec 21, 2017
The story I heard was they have multiple clown dolls and she said “do u mind if I move the clown statue” they asked “which one” she said “the one in the chair” they said “we don’t have one sitting in a chair” and she turned around and it was gone and it was a real person
-sseokda -sseokda Sep 07, 2017
If I saw a clown I'd by dashi run running out of the house •-•
sugaiscool sugaiscool Nov 10, 2017
There's a different version of this the clown statue is in the parents room