Floating On Love

Floating On Love

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Ariel By LeiraSmiley Updated Oct 28, 2011

Nevaeh Beth Chandler looked up towards the moonlit sky, her brown eyes filled with laughter and happiness. She couldn't brush away this feeling. She smiled, and looked back down at the ground, still happy, but shyness over coming her. She looked to the side, where he was laying, looking at the stars, and the moon reflecting 

light down on his beautiful face.  It was such a pretty sight.

	She could feel him look back at her, she slightly blushed and looked away.

	"Nevaeh?" John Holesman asked.

	"Yes," Nevaeh replied.

	"If I ask you a question, will you promise to answer me fully and honestly?" 

	Nevaeh was suddenly very scared, but she had promised, in the beginning of their relationship, never to lie to him, so she took a deep breath and calmed herself down. She looked to the sky, hoping for some strength from God. She saw a star shine bright, then, as she felt herself regain composure and look at John straight in the face. 

She smiled, "Yes."

	He sighed, like he was kind of ne...

pure-heart pure-heart Jun 20, 2012
I agree with @Cejay120 ... space your paragraphs out a bit.
                              Apart from a few grammatical errors i really liked it!
                              Its sweet and touching.
                              Keep it up !
lovetowrite96 lovetowrite96 Dec 05, 2011
I like the story line, and the question at the beginning. There are a few grammar mistakes but they didn't affect my reading. Good job so far :)
Cejay120 Cejay120 Dec 03, 2011
i wud recomend spacing the paragraphs out a bit but besides that its prety gud :)