Ink | Soulmate AU

Ink | Soulmate AU

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If you touch your skin with ink, the marks you make will appear on your soulmate's skin too. Those who have this power are known as the 'Inked'. It can be beautiful or dangerous, and for Archie, it's both.

She's an art student at a prestigious university, whose hobbies include procrastination, doodling and daydreaming about who's making the marks that appear on her arm, and what she'll say when she finally meets him.

Now that Inking is illegal, though, it's a risk even talking to him. She's not sure if she's willing to give up everything for a boy she's never met, but she knows that if she doesn't, she'll regret it for the rest of her life - however long that may be.

isabelM99 isabelM99 Mar 26
Omg!! YOU are a great writer. Do you want to be an author when you are older? Cause I would buy your book.
This is amazing oh my gosh!! I wish I could write like you :3