You're Mine (Yandere! Brother x Reader x Yandere! Childhood Friend)

You're Mine (Yandere! Brother x Reader x Yandere! Childhood Friend)

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Hisan Mizari By The_Dark_Mist Completed

||❝ Do you think that if you ignore me, I would stop following you? If you think that, you're wrong for I will never stop following you my dear Y/N, NEVER ❞||

      。。。Your name is Haseki Y/N and you have a big brother name Haseki Yuuto. You really loved your brother. Yes, LOVED as in past tense. You do loved him until your childhood friend, Hazami Suzuki got into an accident
     Then, Suzuki change just like your brother. They both fight and argue to have your heart and they will never back down from the fight. They will do anything for you, even if it mean to kidnap you and lock you away from this cruel world。。。

      ♕ Now, you has two Yandere that would kill for you, who will you choose or did you die in the end? Only your decision can change everything ♕

 WARNING: This story may contain strong language, gore, violence and sexual theme. You have been warned
(C) : I don't own the cover but I do own this book, plot line, myself and my OCs and please don't steal the plot line..

Dude I wanna real older brother (my other brothers are step)
I'm not being a hater but it says "Do you hungry" no h8 whatsoever
Tosia2501 Tosia2501 Sep 05
hah, the title of this chapter reminds me so much of gamegrumps playing ocarina of time
Manikiichan Manikiichan Aug 28
I want a big brother that's close to my age my brother is like20 something
Noriebug Noriebug Aug 07
I want an older brother. I don't wanna be an only child. :-(
Well yes , I hungry. *Does a wierd tap dance in a shape of a infinity simbol* Ta-Da!~☆♡☆