Step Sister // js

Step Sister // js

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? warning: under construction (grammar, spelling, and fixing other mistakes) ?

? warning: I started this book almost a year ago, and I had NO idea where this story was going. So every chapter was pretty much made up as I went along. ?

Alex has never been the best daughter, and she knows that. She's had a rough life as an only child with divorced parents. Her dad decided to open up to her about his girlfriend, which she learns has a son that is the complete opposite of her. What happens when the two of them are forced to get along? Will Alex cause more trouble for her dad, or will her dad's girlfriend's son help her?

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honestmendes19 honestmendes19 Nov 21, 2017
I know I can treat you better than he can and any girl like you deserves a gentleman 😂😂😭😢💕💕💞🇨🇦� #mendesarmy
Superkoury Superkoury Aug 17, 2017
My mom was doing my hair while I had earphones on and said she said I wish I had boys(you now bc you don't have to do their hair)and I said I CAN HEAR YOU YA KNOW😂I know she was joking tho
RosalindaHeart RosalindaHeart Nov 22, 2017
Did anyone els think about good luck Charlie when have exploded the sodas
maggzmoneymill maggzmoneymill Jul 05, 2017
if this was my dad i would have been so pissed TWO YEARS TO SAY FOUR WORDS TF IS WRONG WITH YOU SMH UNACCEPTABLE
mammabiscuit101 mammabiscuit101 Aug 23, 2017
I agree with you fully Superkoury 😶😶😶😣😣😫😫😈😡
Anti-Social_bxtch Anti-Social_bxtch Aug 06, 2017
Thick As Fck, oh my God, that's my baby.. Caroline you define, mighty fine